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RENT- A -REP BY 212 Showroom NYC

Temporary Show Space

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Includes booth space, client following, credit checking, transportation, sales team and travel expenses

*Shipping account number must be provided for all transportation

Showroom Space for NYC market week

$1,500 – 3 days only with showroom access from 9am-6pm

$3,500 – whole week includes pre-market mailings and phone calls

*Credit card transaction service available with 4% surcharge


Merchandising Services $160 per hour

  • How to create a line sheet 
  • Garment fit based on market segment i.e. contemporary or missy fit 
  • Color trending 
  • Difference between dress & sportswear merchandising 
  • Create a balanced presentation 

Sales Strategy $160 per hour
Define customer base and create account target list


Mail campaign $1500
*Send 1000 postcards to clients
*Included 1,000 postcards and postage
*Client will not have access to list

E-mail campaign $500
*Send marketing materials to clients
*Includes up to 1,000 clients in your market    segment

Postcard design & layout $500
*Assist you in selecting the appropriate image to represent your collection

Salesperson for a Day $350

You will schedule appointments and we will provide the salesperson.
Maximum 8 hours per day
*Does not include travel expenses

Credit Checking Services 

4% surcharge per credit check or $500 annual package (unlimited credit checks)

Will also include FREE 10-day demand letter for past due invoices

Frequently Asked Questions:

My name is Michelle Vella and we have designed the Rent A Rep division for two purposes.

 If the Manufacturer has a great response, we will probably ask them to join the showroom or be asked. I hope that answers the question.

Rent-A-Rep was created from always having people ask to rent space from us at shows. We decided to open Rent-A-Rep and make the service a flat rate package to include: Pre Mailing Postage and phone calling to make appointments, Booth space, extra lighting, mannequins sales assistant.

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